Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So Excited

I think I have mentioned my son went through a nasty divorce. It has been 8 years. His EX's attorney got things thrown out before they could get presented in court and the Judge never heard the whole story. Without going into details the kids have really suffered.

Mom and her husband have moved the kids twice and farther away each time. This have escalated and now it was the kids after 8 years that said they didn't want to be there. We have spent a boat load of money and finally after the kids finally testified in court the decision has been made.

Dad is going to go and bring his kids home. Eight long years and yet the kids are good kids and not in trouble. They will go back to the schools they started out in and have a normal family life.

I have the two little ones overnight so they could leave early this morning to get the kids picked up. The last move she moved them 6 hours away. She did agree to bring them about an hour and a half north. Which we figured wouldn't happen.

The kids are sad to loose their friends, but glad to be with their Dad and Step Mom and little sisters.  I have been so stressed over the last few years and the conditions the kids lived in. Now things will be better. We will be able to see them and help shape them into good adults as they grow.

It has been a long time and My Mother wanted to see it through, but couldn't make it. But yesterday as I was out doing errands early in the morning I saw a rainbow and I felt like she knew it was alright now. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

great news! and yes Mom was sending you a rainbow to let you know all will be allright. when my Mom passed it wasnt even raining and there was a rainbow over our house. it was like she said I will be fine and you will be too.
kids always suffer in divorce situations and it is sad. glad they can move on with their lives in a normal way.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I am so happy this has finally worked out for the best! Your grandkids sound like they are interested in learning a lot from you and now they will be close enough to do it.

barbara woods said...

So happy for your son and you