Saturday, November 28, 2015

Well some more purging and cleaning happened today

You can see part of the floor and a path to the window. That was the goal today because the new windows are in and the installer needs to get to the window from the inside. Before we couldn't walk two foot in the door. Stacked and put into tubs and pitching the crap was the agenda today.

The date on the picture isn't right the little one got ahold of my camera today. This is some larger pieces and the tubs were full so they got stacked. With it more in somewhat piles I can take a pile at a time and decide where to go with it. 

The closet is packed with batting. That is what you see on the right side of the picture. We have the tubs with the stash in it and I have a wicker basket and a tub of smaller pieces to be cut up. So when I need something to do I can grab the basket and start cutting. 

It doesn't look like a picture perfect sewing studio, but it is much more manageable for me. My Granddaughter worked with me and said where do I put this? We got out gallon zipper bags and put thing together in the bags. I have a drawer with the bags in them. I have a stack of partially finished projects and finished quilt tops from my mom. so I will be able to see them all together and find what I want to work on. 

The work was frustrating at times because the 2 year old was here to, but we struggled through it. She is coming back tomorrow to have our Thanksgiving meal. So she might go in and work on it a little more. 

I told her I have passed up good buys on fabric recently and she said if I bought anymore she was going to have me committed. LOL She giggled when she said it. She did ask if she was getting all that was leftover after I go and I just looked at her. She said what am I suppose to do with it? Keep her guessing.

Well I need to go clean up the kitchen and get some dip made and also some jello for tomorrow. Chris 

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sewyouquilt2 said...

wow good job. it is tough organizing someone elses projects and trying to figure out where they were going with it. some of the yardage for a quick release of some is to make some pillowcases. uses a yard each. I use the burrito style method with 3 fabrics and it clears stash in a hurry. I found some wolf fabric and thought what did I buy this for? I will be making pillowcases for my brothers new hunting cabin. that will clear it out nicely with a gift too! have fun at your Thanksgiving. I used to keep the 2 y/o busy with cut squares rearranging them on the floor. she used to play with them for a long time.