Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lots going on

We had bought this trellis sheets awhile back, but things were in the way to cut them. Finally they got cut and got put up. We have Wisteria plants growing up and want them to grow against the trellis. Also it helps cut the sunlight coming in the French Door.

It has so far helped with the rain coming on the porch. We hope it helps with the snow. 

This is the biggest change. New carpet. It is called Wild Mushroom. It is soft and gushy to walk on. But tough as nails. It is 100% nylon and is stain resistant. It has a great pad under it so it should last for a long time. 

Having moved everything out of the room meant cleaning before it came back. I spent 2 hours last night washing and replacing all this stuff. Everything is clean and shiny now. Why do we collect so much stuff????

I left these to do today. These are family pieces and are quite fragile. So I was tired last night and wanted to be steady when I handled these. They belonged to my maternal Great Grandmother's So they are well over 100 to 150 years old. 

These are waiting to be scrubbed down before they go back around the table. 

Yes in-between some crazy/crumb sewing happened. I made 6 of these blocks and they were with a tub of my Mother's scraps. Still going through things. Trying to use them up. The push is on now to get this room straightened and get everything put away. I still have one more room of carpeting to come and I need some order. NOW!!!!!

Here is some of the colors in this block that was in this tub. I think going on this look it will be a quilt for one of the girls. Brighter colors and as I work my way through this top I will be able to get a handle on what color for sashing. 

I counted these little blocks I cut from the 16-patches I have 162 of them. When I add the next round of fabric to them it will make a fair sized quilt. 

Today is finishing up the little stuff as far as cleaning. Also I need to go to the bank today and do some paperwork for my Mother's Estate. Then I need to get back home and try and make some headway with the next phase of this re-do in this house. Never a dull moment at this house. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

your carpet looks nice. love the color. We are purging a ton at this house too. after 32 years of marriage you collect a lot of things. many that we dont need. so will donate for others who will use and need.
your quilting is coming along too. my machine is on the fritz so not much sewing going on around here. makes for an unhappy mama LOL