Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I think I figured it out

2 inch squares sewn into 4-patches. Thsi is my hangup right now. They are colorful and small. 

Well here is the plan. I had a container with used jean legs in the container. I started cutting and now I have the whole container is empty. One of my goals is get this stuff used up. The 4-patches are 3.5 inches square so the denim patches are the same size. I then took my 2 inch squares and laid them on the colors and stitched diagonally and made the small blocks. Then I pieced then with the 4-patches. 

Of course the denim is different colors but all blue. 

This has the 5 4-patches and the four denim squares

This has the 4 4-patches and 5 denim squares. It is using and recycling, but using a lot of color to make these blocks. The denim adds texture, but the size of the patches doesn't add a lot of weight.

Tonight while watching TV I plan on making more 2 inch squares. I have the strips and I can cut them in to squares. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with these, but I think this is a cute little blocks. 

This might give you some ideas for smaller pieces. Chris 

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