Friday, November 6, 2015

Carpet is in what we have

The three rooms of carpeting are in place and for the most part everything is back in it's place. We have a curio cabinet and a kitchen cabinet to move yet. Waiting on the last room of carpet to come in. It is on a rush order.

The curio cabinet needs cleaning and all the stuff inside needs cleaning so that is the agenda for today. The bedrooms are all done until we have to tear up again for windows. Then over the Winter we will paint each room. I still have to pick out colors.

Last night I couldn't find a remote for one of the TV's and I was panicking. All night long I thought through what I would have done with it. I was up in the night and looked three times for it. I finally went back to sleep and slept in for me. I got up had a cup of coffee and decided that my laptop was dead so I need to get it -plugged into the charger. So I cleaned out a path in the sewing room and thought about the remote as I was putting things back in a closet we had carpeted.

Got the charger plugged in and I thought I am going to look one more time. I opened a drawer in my nightstand and dug around and I found it. In moving the nightstand out of the room it rolled to the back and I looked in that drawer every time I went in to look for it. So relieved it is located anyway. And the said it was in the most logical place for it.

Today laundry and cleaning stuff to put back in the curio cabinet. I might get some stitching done a few minutes here and there. Have a good one. Chris

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