Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why am I so.......

 Why am I so stuck? I do not know. I guess I need to sew, but not getting anything done. Well Here is the latest fascination. 4-patches with 2 inch squares.
I got up and wanted to watch Netflix, but my computer was in the middle of an update. So I had to wait. So what does a person do when they have to wait? I got out the 2 inch strips I have cut and started to cut them into 2 inch squares. They pile up in a hurry.

They are a lot of strips cut and I have at least another tub full of strips in this size. So variety will be there. Many ask why don't I sew the strips together and then cut into segments. Well I like the individual piecing better. There is as much cutting if you use strips or individual cuts. I think it is a better variety if you pick up the pieces and not have two or four pieced alike. My preference. It isn't for everyone and your method works for you so use it.  

Yesterday I printed this out. I saw it on Pinterest and I believe it was just a picture on Flicker. Sorry if I am not giving credit for this quilt right. There were no sizes given for this quilt. I chose to make it with 2 inch squares for the 4-patches. I think denim will be the solid looking blue in the center of the square in a square block. It will be a leaders and enders thing. When I need to sew and just be in the mood to sew and not use my brain for figuring out sizes and also combinations. I have several of these 4-patches in this size already made. I will just add to it. 

Today I need to get some groceries. We are to have a break in the rain mid morning. So I will try and go out then. Tomorrow is granddaughters for a few hours and also an appointment for my husband. So today I will sew some and press some. Chris

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