Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cabin Fever

My neighbor and I were talking yesterday as we were shoveling snow. He said to me that he was ready for some flowers to start blooming. I thought I might have to make my own blooms show up. So here are a few. This is one of the first cool blue colors of Spring. I call them Maiden Hair Iris. Not sure of the correct name or the botanical name for them. Rich colors and they smile at you when they open in the Spring  

These lilies are such a pretty pink when they are in full bloom. This is a later blooming Summer variety. They smell wonderful. I have divided the bulbs many times on these and they still grow like crazy. My husband thinks they smell like a funeral parlor when you go by them. What does he know? Ha!

This is a weed or we call it that here. It is a member of the Carrot family. We call it Queen Ann's Lace. It reseeds itself along the road ways and it is light and frilly waving in the wind. Many use it as a filler in fresh cut flower arrangements. If placed in colored water. Meaning water with food color added it takes on  the color of the water as it sits in the colored water. Nice for using in wedding flower arrangements. Or shower party arrangements on the table because you can use the colors of the wedding party to color the water. 

We talked yesterday that at a couple times this last couple months that the temperature in my home town was the coldest in the lower 48 states and it was colder than Anchorage Alaska. The weatherman on TV said it was the coldest in the country one day. 
I have had enough cold and gray days. Talking about rain snow mix in the next couple days then temps in the 40's where it should be for this time of year. Here we are going into Lent and still snow and below freezing temps. 

I think today even though it is cold I may go do some window shopping. I sure don't have extra money with all the high utility bills I have paid out this Winter. Wishful thinking window shopping, but it gets me out of the house and some ideas for the future.       

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