Monday, March 3, 2014

Ok not a lot to show for a weekend

A little hand work. Not sure I like this combo. The light colored fabric is on the outside and the darker in the center. It will have to grow on me I guess. 

The Kaleidoscope quilt top needs borders. Not sure what I was going to do. Since have decided to make a keyboard scrappy border to be one of the jumping off points on the quilt. Then it was how do I make them straight. I had these left over strips of paper from cutting 4.5 inch squares for the string quilt. 

I decided it was 3.5 inches wide. Good size border strip material. I started taking 1.5 inch strips and piecing them onto the paper so I can then straighten them up and have my borders all neat and ready to go. This way they won't be veering off to the left or right or have a slight curve to them to make the quilt lay wonky.

I even pieced some of the strips. Hey it is scrappy why not.  I have to go to the store today and get a few things and then I need to dig in and clean some. Talk of snow again today. Not sure when and how much I get tired of looking at the weather news anymore. It is what it is and we can't change it right!

My sewing room is a disaster. I have to work in here to get some of this mess under control. Stay warm and safe Chris

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