Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Well I spoke to soon

Well I spoke yesterday or ranted about taking care of your machine. Mine decided it was on strike.  It would run , but in slow speed. I decided to get the vintage Pfaff out and it had a bad cord on it. That will get fixed one of these days. I do have my Featherweight I can sew on and I also have a Pfaff that is about 20 years old that is strictly straight stitch. We took my regular machine apart oiled and cleaned everything and it works fine now. The cabinet needs cleaning today and then I will be back in business.  

I came across this image on Pinterest and it was interesting to me. Yes it looks different, but if you look at the hexie in the center and the logs around it they are just half hexies. This could be and interesting to go project. You can use many scraps up or have a color plan set aside. It would really be pretty done in 30's and 40's prints. with a light colored center. With so many specialty rulers out there it can be cut with a rotary cutter and ruler and make quick work of a stack of scraps. 

I'm always looking for quick and yet different images to break down and make items out of them. I think this would be interesting in a small piece like a table topper. 

We have talked about changing our living room around. We have a large dining room table and curio cabinet on one side and a huge couch and two chairs on the other side with the TV. When we moved it the last time we made cable connections on both sides of the room so we could move it. In the Summer time the West window in the afternoon gets the sunlight and it can get really warm on that side of the house. 

On the East side we have a ceiling fan. Makes more sense to me to be comfortable if you can make changes. As we move we get all the cleaning done and then it is done for quite a while. When you have big pieces of furniture you don't move them out of the way every week to clean behind them. Well at least I don't. 

I woke up at 3 am. looked out and it is snowing again. We are in the middle of a 1-3 inch weather pattern. So we will see how this one pans out. 

Stay warm and safe. Spring is coming. Well at least that is what they are saying. Chris  

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Katie M. said...

Your sewing machine issues sound a bit like what I went through this past week. I have a couple computerized machines that really, really need to go to the shop. Thank goodness for my older, heavy machines that seem to go on forever!
I like the looks of the Hexie block. Thinking it might be a way to use up some scrap strips and just go around like a log cabin block.... Thanks for sharing.