Monday, March 10, 2014

Crazy work but someone has to do it.

I got the last of the piano keys constructed and need to get them stitched together.Then there are two more borders to apply. Coming along pretty good considering it has taken all of 2 long years to get it this far. 

Now to the fun part of the day. In looking for scraps to complete the piano keys I came across two ice cream buckets of small scraps that my granddaughter helped me pack away three years ago. It is like Christmas all over again because I'm not sure what is in them. She meant well and I wasn't feeling good so I just let her help me. Now to work up the mess into usable stuff. And some of it is stuff. Christmas scraps in with the 30's prints. My Mom called theses crazy quilt blocks and she would stitch them onto old sheet squares. She made utility quilts for all of us and tied them for our beds to stay warm at night. I'm just stitching them together and pressing as I go until I get to a size I can square them up and make 4.5 inch pieces. 

This one is ready to be squared up. Can make quilt blocks or mug rugs out of them. I will sew a few every few days and store them until I get enough to make something out of them. This year the Xmas gifts are going to be made in this house so never to early to get the ball rolling. 

Here are some of them trimmed and pressed waiting to be chosen for a project. 
The baby is coming for most of the day today so I will have to get prepared for little hands soon. An hour here or there at the machine will make me happy today. Hopefully you can be happy too. Chris

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Jean said...

Your crazy block is what Bonnie Hunter calls Crumb blocks. I have some of them going all the time, and made a queen size quilt for our show three years ago. Our granddaughter has it. I build mine, so I don't waste fabric.Did you know that Goodwill will take all your snippings, left over batting, and clothes they can't sell they make into fabric for third world countries.Just tell them it is to be recycled.