Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going to be busy

Today the baby comes. She had 5 shots yesterday so I'm sure she will be fussy. The first two years of their lives are so stressful with being born, shots, learning to crawl, walk and eat solid food.

It snowed a little early this morning. I was up at 3:30 am and it was wet so must have rained first. It then started to snow, but nothing like the Chicago area.

We planted tomato and pepper seeds yesterday because we want veggies this next Summer.

Been up making crumb blocks to clean out another tub. Just made a small dent in the bucket, but got 12 blocks made. Laughing as I type this they are only 4.5 inches when done. I did get labeling done on my efforts from yesterday. I got covers on the tubs and shelves cleaned off to place them closer to where I sew. I can place stacks of fabric on the other shelves where the tubs use to be. I'm trying to get more of this stuff sorted and cleaned up. I still have several tubs to sort through and get them in the right places where I can grab them easier.

Made Ham and Beans yesterday. It was really good. I made a huge pan of it and will send 2/3's home to my son's today. He furnished the ham hocks from a hog they had butchered. I'm not sure what I will fix today. I bought some ground beef and need to get it divided and frozen at some point today.

Hopefully all of you can sew today. Chris

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