Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lots of cutting and stitching

No pictures, but believe me I have been busy today. Up at 2am and cut strips for 2 hours. Then decided to get borders cut for the kaleidoscope quilt. I was just going to finish it of at two borders and decided to make it fit the bed with a better drop on the side. So after several borders now I'm making more piano keys strips to make another border.

Yes I'm causing more work, but it is fun to make it the way I want to. I'm glad I cut all the strips I did so I have variety for the piano keys strips.

My room is starting to look like a sewing room instead of a junk room. Finally got things sorted better and things folded and placed on shelves in different areas that is more organized. I still have a stack on the floor by the cutting table to cut up. Then my next thing to tackle is the counter where the Featherweight sits. Things have been piled there. Baskets with thread and lace and buttons that all need to be sorted and put away.

I do have a stack of magazines to go through and decide what to do. I really want to pare down the clutter with all the magazines, but I start looking through them and find something that looks interesting.Can't win, but I'm trying to make some sense of the mess. As I said it didn't get that way overnight and it is taking forever to get cleaned up. Progress is being made though.

Hope everyone has a Good Saint Patty's Day tomorrow. Chris

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Marianne Jeffrey said...

Half the fun of quilting is making a piece to suit your needs, but at two am you are more committed than me!!!