Thursday, March 13, 2014

Went Shopping and back again

Kind of a gray day, got out and went to the Quilt Shop. It is in a small River Town of Fulton, Illinois. The shop is called Susan's Calico Creations. They display all a the fabric bolts in baby cribs. It is in a three storied department store. All with wooden floors. 

I got the fabric on the left which the color in the picture isn't good is a Swiss mocha colored for $4 a yard. 50% off regular price. The other one is a mahogany color for $5 a yard. I took all of the first one. Seven yards and 6 yards of the second one. Sashing, backings or  just because. Who knows what I will use it for. I went for black or slate gray and came home with browns. So it was a good trip. Chris

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Teresa Rawson said...

How fun to get out! I am getting out today with 3 friends for the first time since November!It has been that long since I've been to a quilt shop...mostly due to weather, but also because I was trying to work from my stash. I really don't need anything...hopefully I will just browse, but iknowing me I will come home with a little something.