Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I'm working on in stages

This is a picture heavy post. These are tops I'm assembling today. May need to add some more to them.

Bright girly prints. Autumn will be going to a youth bed in the next few months so I thought a big girl quilt needed to be made. These are pieces left over from older Sis and also some 30's and 40's repro prints that work in the color scheme. 

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. It is on her blog and is a free pattern. I think it is called "Bricks and Stones." It is in the Free Pattern Tab at the top of her blog. 

I had the long sections sewn together then I stitched the two elements together in opposite directions. 

I stacked them up after pressing seams and was getting ready to lay them out. Not sure if I had enough for a twin bed size. 

Here they are on my queen bed, but I;m short about 8 blocks if I add borders. Which I'm sure I will have to because I'm running out of enough variety.

Simple blocks, but in the bright colors they make a busy statement. 

This is the other ongoing project. I'm making piano key borders. They are 1.5 inch strips sewn to a telephone book 3.5 inch wide strip of paper. I'm adding a white on white border to the quilt top and then the piano borders.   

They are just random pieces of fabric strips I have cut from scraps. I thought sewing them on a paper foundation would keep me from veering off the straight and narrow. 

With tight stitches the paper rips off really easy and doesn't distort the strips. I have about 20 more strips to make. I think it is the easiest way to make the border I could think of. My neighbors are saving some telephone books for me so I'm sure I will not ever run out. 

Here are other things waiting their turn to be completed. All the string blocks I have and not sure of how I want to complete the top. Thought of real narrow sashing between all the blocks and angling them in a certain pattern or direction. Still sorting that out in my mind. Don't want all the things I do to be all looking the same. 

Ok that is my progress over the last few days. The sewing machine after cleaning oiling and lubing is running wonderfully. Better get back at it. Chris. 

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