Sunday, March 16, 2014

Did you sew on National Quilting Day?

I got up way to early this morning and though about National Quilt Day. How many hours did you devote to this day and promoting it? I didn't necessarily devote any quality time to promoting Quilt Day, but I sure did a bunch of sewing. 

After 4 hours of stitching I decided I needed to do some cleaning. The sun was out for the most part. I took the kitchen curtains down and washed them. Washed the mini blinds and the windows and trim work around the windows. I got the curtains out of the washer and ironed then dry. I made them and it is homespun and it wold shrink horrible if I hadn't done it this way. The curtains did shrink some, but nor to much to look bad. 

We are getting company in another week and decided it would be a better looking room if it was Spring housekeeping clean. I still have a couple shelves with knick knacks to clean and pictures to clean. Then the area rug needs a good scrubbing. We are talking about changing the wallpaper and putting up wainscoting in the eating area. I haven't looked for wallpaper yet it is just talk. 

I hope you all had a productive day with your quilting conquests. Chris 

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