Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gray day but bright colors

This puzzle has been in the works for way to long. It was gray outside and gray parts and pieces were being handled. Finally it is done and time to take apart and get another one out.  

Bright colors for sure. I counted three times and thought I had enough. Well after three restarts I have enough now. I was running out of bright colors with some size for the blocks. 

This is Bonnie Hunter's free pattern Bricks and Stepping Stones with a slight twist. I stitched them on the long side and not the short side for the width. It is just a different way to stitch them. 

All stitched waiting to be pressed. 

Four more seams and then borders. It is going to be a twin sized quilt. I tried two border fabrics and chose the blue one on the right. The aqua one was not right for the busy look of the rest of the quilt top. The blue is a white and blue plaid. The quilt is going in a blue painted room. Hopefully Autumn can sleep under this quilt as bright as it is. It might keep her awake. 

Have to shovel snow again today. Not my most favorite thing. I got the closet back together after the hot water heater was fixed. Now even though we fixed the toilet it has a leak. Different part. So off to the hardware store today for a new gasket. When you own a house your fix and repairs are never done. Chris 


Julierose said...

Lovely colors in this one! I feel like the dog in that puzzle with all this grey weather--at least today we can see the sun! Hugs, Julierose

Rebecca said...

Such a change from the hazy puzzle to the bright quilt. I used to do puzzles and then I started to quilt. Each quilt has a puzzle element to it with the shapes and colors and sizes and when I am done I don't have to take it apart (unless I messed up) and put it away in a box.

Frog Quilter said...

Those colors are fabulous. I could really get a nice nap under that quilt (to be).

Taylor Nelson said...

Love the color!!