Saturday, March 22, 2014

No none sense sewing

I have so many small pieces from cutting and stitching piano keys borders for a quilt. So make your own fabric right? Well I'm making these silly pieces up and trimming to 4.5 inch squares. 

As you can see they are colorful and each is totally different from the other ones. Interesting what you can stitch up.

As you can see just stitching to get a somewhat abstract size to cut the 4.5 inch blocks out of. If anything is larger when you cut it off throw back into the pile and use in another block. The uses are endless. Charity quilts, baby quilts, lap robes. Or even a quilt for the car. I stitch the pieces together with fairly small stitches so they don't pill apart with bias edges. 1.5 is what I set my stitch length on. As I said no foundations at all. It only adds to the bulk. Some of these pieces are only 1.5 inches an odd shapes work well also. Have fun with it. Chris  


Jean said...

I love seeing your scrappy blocks. Keep showing them. Perhaps others will be inspired to use their scraps like you and I are doing. Blessings.

Frog Quilter said...

This is what I have been sewing all weekend long. Woohoo!