Monday, March 17, 2014

Getting closer to a finish

Borders are being made and sewn on. After making the center of this quilt top I was just going to let it end with one border. My husband and I said it was so much work to just use it as an extra quilt. So he talked me into making it a full queen sized bed quilt. Hence all the borders. Yes it will take a lot to quilt it, but what do I have the most of in my life? Time!

I am running out of fabric intended for the borders so I opted to make more piano keys. Yes it is a lot of sewing, but watching Netflix and stitching right along. Almost have enough for two sides at the moment. I do have to stop today to go to the store for a couple things. Suppose to be on a warming trend. We still have snow on the ground, but we are seeing it melt daily. Chris

1 comment:

Teresa Rawson said...

EXCELLENT! I LOVE piano key interesting and you reduce the scrap pile at the same time...clever YOU!