Friday, March 7, 2014


This is an uptight day for me. The weather is going to change and I'm walking the floors. I ache all over and yet I should be doing so many things.

We are to get rain then turn to snow. Yes more snow.

Now the man in this house tore a closet apart and is fixing a heating element in the hot water heater. So while it is all apart I will get rid of stuff that doesn't fit or I don't use any more.

Not something I really wanted to do today. But it needs doing.
Hope you are having a good sewing day. Chris

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Teresa Rawson said...

My fingers are weather predictors, and they are aching today too. We had a temp of 38 today with the slow drip of melting ice and snow. We, too,are supposed to get rain then more snow and back to winter as usual on Sunday...hang in there...I really think spring will come. We will all soon be complaining about he heat, LOL!