Sunday, March 9, 2014

Going on virtually no sleep

I got little sleep last night so running on fumes. This has been my no none sense sewing lately. I needed to extend a border due to lack of material enough to make the drop off a sizable length. 3.5 inches wide on telephone book pages. The stripes were 1.5 inches wide and stitched to the foundation I got a straight strip after trimming.  

This was a Rockford, Illinois telephone book. So there are lots of pages in this book. 

I sat this morning and pulled off the paper from the back of the strips. When you sew fine stitches like 1.5 on your setting they perforate the paper and it comes off easy.

This is what I'm adding the piano key border to. It is a scrappy kaleidoscope quilt top I have pieced over the last couple years. I added the 2.5 inch white border and the piano key 3.5 inch border then another white border the same size as the first one. The last border will be the black and white polka dot for the last one. It will be a queen sized quilt when complete.  

It give sit a jumping off point with the busy look of the blocks by using the white then the piano keys. Hope you have a great day. Chris  

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Julierose said...

Oh what a lovely scrappy quilt top!! Love that piano key bnorder...looks like fun!! Hugs, Julierose