Monday, March 24, 2014

Wonky Wishes or Wonky Star

This is the star that is on the sashing on this quilt top. I took the star and carried it out into the sashing to make this look more interesting.  

Here is the look it makes with the star also in the sashing and the block. This is Bonnie Hunter's method of making this Wonky Wishes. Or Wonky Star as I call it. It is on her website in the Free Pattern Tab at the top. 

I have 2/3 of the quilt ditch stitched. It is about 63X78 inches. Great size for the couch. This is all scraps and made from 2.5 inch cutting edges off of  squares. The extra star spikes are light colored pieces left over from doing borders or straightening up pieces. They are not planned any special size. I made this top in about 8-10 days. It went fast and it is colorful. The sashing stars are all the same fabric to ground the whole thing. Sometimes scrappy needs an element to hold it all together. I used the brown and print for the sashing stars to do that. Nothing is left out of the mix. Batiks, Civil War, 30's-40's prints, Homespun, Blenders all are in this top. I even think there is a Barbie print and also Christmas. The next one I want to make the star in the darker prints and the outside edges in the lights. I think it would be pretty for a daybed for Summer use. The sky is the limit go out and stitch up all the extra stuff. Chris   

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Teresa Rawson said...

I LOVE the idea of doing wonky stars in the sashing as well...VERY COOL! I think I like the look of scrappy most of all, despite all my controlled applique projects. Scrappy is more like Grandma Moses intended...