Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BOM or do I use a book I have?????

I am a sucker for BOM's and then not doing them. I save all the info and the patterns and religiously at that time of the month to copy the patterns and send them to my documents or to a jump drive. I have two jump drives full of pictures of the family and patterns from the Internet. Fatcatpatterns and Ester's Blog all have really nice BOM's at different times of the month. By the way thank you for including all of us in your talents. I recently ordered these three books. I want to get a Winter hand sewing project going and I think I have every color I need to do either one online or from one of these books. If I do one online I have to print it out and use the ink and paper. I guess I can't justify the expense when I just received these in the mail. How do I get the fact that I am starting another quilt in my husband's brain that this is a good thing. LOL He is a start a project and finish it before you start another one. He frets over not finishing things and it makes him crazy. I would hope he just figures it will happen and he doesn't have any say in it.
I really have to plan this out to be a positive project and set a goal to get it done. I have an applique quilt started for my sister and I need to get it done also. I am frustrated. Not enough hours in the day. Yard work to end the Fall season has to be done. I can find all kinds of excuses to say I need to do this and lots to say I should wait. What should I do? Chris

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Hettie said...

Ah Chris, just start a new project. You know you want to!!! I think all quilters are the same here, there is just nothing like starting a new project, so go for it!!