Friday, September 2, 2011


Life is grand if we don't weaken. Some one said that not sure who. Coping is something that has weakened me in the last few days.

This is my husband and his older sister. She is 11 years older than he is. They both have the same disease and they both are failing more everyday. She came to the birthday party and talked to us and asked how we were doing. Well she is farther along in her progression and is failing faster. I see signs of some of the symptoms of my sister in law had several years ago facing my husband now. Since we saw her his mood has been stained. He is scared and so am I. The unknown is always hard.

We have kinda been at each others throats and I just had to stop him and say I am here to help you. He has to tell me what is wrong. I know that will be harder as the time goes on.

I have seen so much of illness in my lifetime and yet it doesn't get any easier to cope with.

If you know someone that is facing these types of issues take time and talk to them. Ask if they need help. Taking out the garbage or fixing a meal is always welcome.

The unknown is the scariest part of facing an illness that is not always black and white. Some diseases are final others linger and never totally come to the surface. Losing someone to this type of disease is heart breaking. Chris

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