Monday, September 26, 2011

Many things I can work on today

I have been reading this book and it has a technique I think I will use to quilt the next quilt with. Machine quilt each block and then assemble. You can get a reversible quilt that way. This is the book the instructions are in. Novel idea to have a reversible quilt. I think I will try it. Since I am a scared to try and machine quilt a whole quilt in detail this maybe is the stepping off place for me to try.

Ok this is the next project I can work on. These are rows of the HST block all sewn together. The problem I am having is the variety of the pieces in one block. As you can see a couple are the same fabric in a different combination.

Need to cut more sashing pieces and try and get this one all together.

Then I have visitors in the sewing room. They are waiting for a new wardrobe. they are really cute dolls and belong to my Granddaughter. She is beyond playing with them, but like to change their clothes to make her room look different.

These are Lee Middleton dolls. The one on the right is a kit you can make and the other was one of the baby line that was made several years ago. They are both thumb suckers and are really baby sized. They wear 12 month clothing. So I have several things to do and yet not sure where to start. I guess see what is on the sewing table and start with that.

Raining this morning and I won't be able to do yard work. I have a little more laundry to do and late cooking. I think Country style pork ribs for supper tonight. I need to figure out sides. Maybe broccoli and mashed potatoes.

I have one job I hate to do that really needs doing. I need to clean my oven. I hate the smell of the chemicals and yet nothing works as well as the kind of spray I use. Need to push my husband to the garage while I do it. He has breathing issues and the spray is not good for his lungs. Maybe today will be the day for that. Housework is never done and my least favorite thing to do anymore.

Hate to listen to the news today never like what you hear anymore. The days are getting closer to me wanting to shut the TV off. The elections and all the turmoil have gotten to me and I need to be positive. So the music will be playing and the work will begin. Talk to you later. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Sounds like you're going to have a busy day. When it finally starts cooling down here in AZ, I will do my fall cleaning (I'm not a spring cleaner) Wishing you a good day.