Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well I didn't do anything I planned on

I decided I needed to try and get something finished and well nothing is totally ready to finish so I worked on something that was started. I need to get this one done and tried to see if I was happy with the machine quilting. I outline stitched the applique parts and then grid quilted the rest of the block. I found out in three places I need to slow down. Some ripping happened. I had to stop to go help my Mom with her design wall. She had a Bento block on it and she wasn't sure she had enough color contrasts going on.

I have half of the block quilted and need to get back in there to get more done. It is raining again today so a good day to finish and cut out the next batting for the next one.

Hopefully I get another one done before you know it. I did cut the threads long and tucked them in by hand on the block because I want to make this one reversible. Stay tuned maybe more today maybe not. Chris

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