Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cutting for two quilts at once

So many times when you make a cut of fabric in a strip there are leftovers. Simply because of the width of the fabric. In this example I am cutting a 3 7/8 strip to be cut into 3 7/8 inch squares. See the amount that is left over. Well watch and see where I cut another quilt out of the left over pieces.

This is another strip cut for the 3 7/8 inch squares and the left over piece is diced into 1 3/4 inch squares with a tiny piece left. That is all I throw away. Some pieces will have more leftover because of the width of the fabric.

Here is the white strip I showed cutting from the fabric piece earlier. Not much waste and I am cutting squares in two sizes for two different quilts while the fabric is in my hands.

I then am going to make HST out of the larger squares. Yes I know there is a paper foundation to stitch over and there is other methods to making the HST, but this one works for me. I find the angle and mark the center cutting line and stitch on either side for my 1/4 inch sewing seams.

I use a #2 pencil for this marking because I cut on the line anyway so it isn't visible.

Here is the mark and I have my seam guide this way so I can zip along with the stitching. I only mark on the lighter of the two squares and then I can see where I am sewing. When stitched and cut apart I have two HST pieces and the sewing begins to make a block.

I have 25 HST squares in each of these blocks so I have plenty more cutting and sewing to do. But I will be cutting for the other 9 patch in a square block I am making at the same time. Try it and you will save time. Chris

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