Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here is the progress

I finished this block yesterday morning. But I am not sure it is quilted enough. I want the background to fade away more. I outline stitched the applique and then grid stitched the background. I think it needs more quilting to get the effect I want.

This is the plain block, but not plain. I am doing traupunto on this quilt and I know I need to make the background flatter to make this work the way I envisioned.

Here I haven't stitched all this part of the block. I ran out of thread in the bobbin so it was time to stop for the day. I have to do my shopping day today so I think I will think about the look I want for this and get home and try and see if the look can be accomplished.

Here is the whole block. It is the applique shapes only just in stitching. There will be 5 of these blocks and 4 of the appliqued blocks all stitched together with sashing to make the top of the bed. Then appliqued borders and not sure of the drop sides of the quilt. I think appliqued but not sure of just swags or a viney leaves and flowers.

This is a work in progress and a challenge to me to get it all together. No design accept for the applique blocks which is a Piece-O-Cake design from an older Quilt magazine. It was done in bright colors which is their signature color choices. I chose the dark colors of Fall to make it. Never look at a design as made as the only way to make it. Colors can change the look and feel of a good design.
I think I will use this quilt as my launching of more creative designs in the future. I have to gain confidence this will work. Hopefully the overall look will be pleasing. Chris

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