Sunday, September 11, 2011

No longer on

I am a bitter person, but I am really disappointed with many issues of the site. If you want details email me. I will remain blogging, but only on my own. May not be as often, but I don't need all the exposure. It is just little me and my blog is for my pleasure and not the World's unless you choose to follow me. I enjoy the comments when they are present and I do appreciate all the kind words. I have had more difficulty with my computer in the last few months and I think some of it is associated with all the bloggers on that site.
Now time to get back to the important things like quilting. I do enjoy quilting and I do enjoy sharing. I felt like a gold fish in a sea of sharks on the quiltingblog. Everyone has so many talents and I guess I didn't fit in. I had some advise to do things different and I would get more comments. I tried several and it didn't work. Some have the knack of blogging and others don't. Wanda thanks for all you support and suggestions. Hettie and Amy your support is really appreciated also.
It isn't about the number of followers as it the quality of the person who is the follower. Bren knows that really well. Please stay tuned I am here and I can be reached by my email and I will go into more detail at that time. This isn't the place to err my feelings because they are my own. Chris

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