Sunday, September 11, 2011


Fall is in the air. The garden is winding down. The final flourish of the flowers are on the stems. The air is cool and crisp in the mornings. Another season is about done. My how time flies by. Is it because I am older I notice the changes or is it time has stood still and I am not keeping up?

Even though I try and keep up I am so far behind in my chores it isn't funny. I make the goals so maybe they are unattainable. Reality is a fickle thing. Somedays things work well and other days they are so far flung that you never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Having lived through the last decade with all the World's troubles and destruction we have to look at the day and say it will be ok. Right???
Take today and look at the flowers, smell the air, breath deeply it will be alright. At least I keep telling myself it will be. Have to believe in something. Look at this Rose of Sharon. It is perfect in shape and color. Somedays I wish life was perfect, but we will never see that in our lifetime.

Life has it's zigs and zags and we never know where it will take us. Go with the flow and see where your day will take you. Remember the others who sacrificed for your saftey and freedom and pray for those yet to stand for freedom.

I sometimes complain about things not going well, but I also think there are so many worse off than what I am. Is the complaining for others to hear or for me to make myself feel better? I think the latter. Put a smile on your face and say it is another day and I will make something of it. No one can do that for you only you can make that happen. Have a great day and be aware you make your own World go round. Chris


Mary said...

Thanks for a very good reminder, Chris.

Katie M. said...

Very well said. We in America are very blessed in so many ways. We aren't perfect but there's no place else I'd rather live.
I love your fall leaves background - my favorite time of year.