Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting closer to finishes

I have this little personal table sitting by my machine with a pressing board on it. I can stitch and press seams and not get up. Not a good thing because I need to get up and move, but for now until I get a few more things out of the sewing room I am stuck with this plan. As you can see I am cutting and stitching and trying to get closer to getting finished with three different quilts. The HST quilt is 2/3 done. I have 4 rows sewn together and I am working on cutting the other pieces I need to complete the top. The 9 -patch in a square is coming along and I have lots of trimming to do on the blocks but at least they are sewn.

The 25 patch blocks are coming along also. They are 13 of them now and I have more to sew together. As I wait for laundry or for dinner to cook or in the morning while it is quiet I try and sew even for 15 minutes and amazing how much you can get done it the pieces are cut out for you.

I am really wanting to get this one done. I have 71 9-patch in a square blocks made. They are 6 inches square when trimmed. That pile is growing fast. I think I need to make 120 of these blocks for a queen sized quilt. Yes a lot of cutting and sewing, but I like the look that keeps your eye moving when you look at a quilt.

I read some one's blog the other day Sorry I don't remember who, but she said she guessed she needed to start making scrap quilts because she had so many laying around. I have been known to get into the garbage at my Mom's to rescue a bag full of small pieces and it was enough to make a lot of blocks with. Yes I am frugal. I found out in the last few months that my heritage must be showing. In looking into Family History and clear back 500 years or more on my Mother's side of the family I am almost of pure Scottish lineage. They are known for their frugal management of their land and belongings. I found that very interesting because I thought maybe I was just a mutt and the heritage had been lost along the way.

Born and bred to use things wisely. Funny how the human being has so many layers of overlapping things that shape you into a person. Back to the sewing room to put a few more together. It is raining so maybe I can get a lot done. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

All three are looking good. It is so much more fun to work on 3 at a time, never bored!