Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am bad!

I chose the fabrics to use. I have the background also. No money out lay Right???? Well the convincing part is yet to come. I needed several colors to make the designs I chose. I chose the books. This one has several to choose from and it can be a sampler style or an Album style quilt.

Some are the conventional style blocks and others are more modern.

There are 83 blocks to choose from. The hard part is going to be to see which ones I will make. Will I make a multiple block quilt or duplicate one block for all blocks in the quilt? That is the part that I am not sure about. Thought I would make a couple blocks and make them into pillows and see which I prefer after making a couple samples.

This is more traditional to me so maybe will be a choice. In this book she uses batiks and the rich colors really make the blocks come alive.

Here is the book Sharon Pederson's "Rose of Sharon". The book simplifies the use of Applique to a few templates and you have so many different looks for a few templates. Why am I not smart enough to come up with something like this. LOL Beautiful blocks that came from a Challenge with EQ6. Quilters all over the World contributed to this book. As I make them and picture them I will acknowledge the originator of the blocks. Many talented women all came together to make this book available. Yes the book has been out for awhile but a good source for those of us that need a plan in front of us. Well me anyway. Chris

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