Thursday, September 8, 2011


I sat and read the new books today and tried to envision me doing something out of them. Yes I have a lot in the works right now, but always have a plan for the next project. As I am going to get through all the fabric for the three quilt tops I have been cutting for I am going to make a pile for the applique I want to do.
Sharon Pederson's Rose of Sharon Book is really drawing me to make a choice and now I have to decide how big and how involved I want to get this Winter.
I still have several projects that need my attention before I can truly spend a lot of time starting this one. Christmas gifts are in the fore front as far as getting them done.
The last couple days have been so nice outside and I have started to cut back on the dying plants to get ready for the Fall clean up. Maybe tomorrow we will cut back a bush and see if we can't get it under control again. The massive amounts of rain we had early made everything so lush and the growth was unbelievable this Spring. Now it has to be whacked back for the Winter months and the new growth next Spring. I love the cooler weather of the Fall and love the days I can be outside. But it can be a sad time of year because it is the end of the growing season and the dark and cold days of Winter are to follow.
Sometimes I think we could live with Spring and Fall and forget the heat of Summer and the cold of Winter. But we have no choice in the matter.
Plans are evolving and things need to get done. I guess priority lists need to be made and goals to meet. 112 days 9 hours and 40 minutes till Christmas. Did you read that? Chris

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