Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do I have anything good to say probably not!

Today is one of those days you would like to do over. Nothing bad happened, but nothing got done. The phone started ringing early, like 6:37 am. Yes I was awake but barely. One morning I sleep in and I get a phone call that early. Now yesterday was a productive day. I got 63 9-patch in a square blocks finished. Not all yesterday but up to 63. I am 81 short of having enough. Which will take forever to get done. Well maybe not.

See I told you I had nothing good to say. As I said nothing wrong just a funny day.

Found out my son is going to move. Well forced to. He went through a nasty divorce and has been trying to hang onto the house, but it is in Foreclosure and he financially can't fight it anymore. He has a plan and I have to go along with it.
The economy has made it so hard to make it with only one person bringing in the paycheck. He is still single and maybe will be that way for a long time. He has kids to support and his own bills to cover. But he is 34 and trying to do it himself finally. We wish better for our kids, but it is a hard World out there.

Going to go and get ready for bed, but sew for several hours. See if I can get some more blocks done. I told you it wasn't a good day. Chris

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