Monday, September 12, 2011

I have two blogs

This is some progress. I have been sewing early in the mornings and I finally got enough to start sewing them together with the sashing fabric. I still have some more blocks to make, but as I said before I am cutting three quilt pieces at one time. This will be a couch quilt when it is all done. Can't ever have enough of them. The one that is pictured on the arm of the love seat is really worn. It can go on the floor if someone wants a quilt while watching TV on the floor.

I have two blogs and here is the other site. It is called Pins and Needles. It is a sewing and everyday blog. Feel free to look at the other blog when you would like.

As I transition away from the quiltingblog I will be adding more things to my blog. Please let me know if You missed something or would like to re see something from my old posts. Thanks Chris

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