Sunday, September 4, 2011

Organized mess

I pulled thread the other day for a quilt for the color for quilting it. I think we decided on the color and then it got tossed on the pressing board. My granddaughter is already telling me I am in trouble because I have a mess again. Better get it cleaned up this week before she gets here on Friday.

25 patch blocks out of 1 3/4 inch left over patches from the 9 patch in a square blocks I am making. Barbara Brackman on her blog showed an antique quilt with 25 patch and an alternate of a solid. So when I make a 9 patch in a square if I have an odd number of small squares I throw then in a shoe box and stitch them together in a 25 patch block. Using up every inch of leftover stuff.

Here is the 9 patch in a square blocks. I like the look and it looks like an antique block when it is all pieced together.

This is blurry, but this is the HST's I have been working on for a sashed quilt. This is a 12 inch block so going quickly.

Here is my organized mess. I cut the sizes of pieces and place in a fashion of total chaos on my sewing table. It looks like a mess, but I know what is what. In the long run it will be three different quilts. I cut for one and while the fabric is in my hands I cut for the other two.

No I am not and organized person, but I wish I was. This just struck me as a time saver and I take about an hour to cut more pieces and then sew them up. Maybe I will get three quilts done in a reasonable length of time.

My kids always grab a quilt at my house and I am sure with Fall right around the corner they will be looking to see what is available to grab. It is fun to make the combinations of pieces and the thrill of the look when they are made.

Going to go grab another pile of scraps and see where it takes me today. Have fun sewing. Chris

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