Sunday, September 25, 2011

So what did you sew on this weekend?

Zip, nada, nothing in my house. I have stepped back and not done any. Not that I don't need to, I haven't felt great. Sore throat and earache. I think allergies, but who knows.
I want to get some machine quilting done and I just don't have the energy to get up and do it. I have it all planned out and yet nothing gets done. I was afraid to start and them have to rip out so I put it on hold. We had a lot of rain today and it is gloomy outside.
I did turn on the oven and I bought Chicken potpie and Beef potpies for supper. Haven't done that forever. I like Chicken potpie and I usually make my own. This is a meal for the two of us for $5.00 not bad. Sure can't go out for that. Plus the oven is on and it smells good in here while it is cooking and the oven is taking the dampness out.
Can't wait for this to get done. Chris


Sore Throat and Earache said...

When I was single, week ends are for friends. When I was married week ends are for my family :) that's life.

Sore Throat and Earache said...

this weekend we planned to have a drink with my friends...