Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall is officially here.

Today is a cool morning and the sky is sorta gray. Calling for rain, but nothing on the radar. Fall is here and we have to face it head on. The fact is I haven't worn jeans all summer so now I have to get use to wearing them again. The closets will open up and the heavier clothing will be brought out of the dark corners. This morning I got up and got the coffee started no incidents today. I had cut some yesterday and decided to stitch the HST together and get them pressed and ready to make some more blocks. This mess turned into quite a few finished patches for this quilt.

Here are the finished HST patches to keep me going I was running into no variety to stitch together and you don't want to much repetition. So this was the first hour I was up this morning, but now ready to piece them together in rows for the blocks to get farther along on this quilt.

Here are some of the rows and there was to many duplicates in the rows to sew these together. I make a row and then I compare the rows for variety before I make the final block. I have twenty of the blocks sewn into four rows and I think I am going to make 35 total blocks. I measured it out and want it long enough for my guys. They are all over 6ft. tall so need to cover the toes to their necks.

Last night I went in to get my mind off of a few issues and I decided to trim some of these 9 patch in a square blocks. They look so neat with the dog ears trimmed off and squared up. I am getting anxious to get this one pieced together. The satisfaction of seeing something that far along warms my heart. To think It was a pile of scraps and now it is something makes me feel like I have accomplished something good.

We worked in the yard for a while in the afternoon and got another flower bed put to rest for the Winter. I have five more to clean up and then we will be ready. I don't mind doing it when the air is below inferno temps. Today the cucumbers get yanked and the rest of the garden is done.
The trees are starting to turn and the air is cooler and more dry. The allergies are starting to calm down and the feel of the weather is sometimes sad for many because the cold Winter is around the corner. I love Spring and Fall both. The cool crisp air of Spring when everything wakes up to show it's colors and the cool crisp air of a sleepy time to curl up with a book and a cup of hot chocolate by the fire in the Fall. I am hungry for a fresh baked apple pie and a good pot roast in the oven cooking I can almost smell it. Enjoy the Fall it will soon be over with and the cruel hard reality of Winter will be here. Chris


Katie M. said...

I remember the crisp air of fall when I lived in the U.P. of Michigan. I must admit that it's probably the only thing I miss about not living in cold country! I love AZ and live close enough to the 'north country' to enjoy snow and cold at my choice :-) Enjoy the fall and when you make that apple pie post a picture and I'll try to imagine a taste ;-)

Hettie said...

Still remember your problems with the snow last year, can't believe a year has gone by already. Luckily Spring is in the air over here and I am loving it!!