Saturday, January 7, 2012

500th post

Yesterday we spent it doing different things. We had a switch on our furnace act up and we knew what it was. Our furnace has a signal board on it and you can diagnose the problem. So we ordered the part and got it in two days. We could make the heat work in the mean time. But we knew we wanted to have it work all the time when the real winter weather hit. So we got it yesterday and we decided to tear the furnace apart and clean it really well. My husband use to do this for a living so I am fortunate that he knows what to do. He had the blower out of the furnace and we took it apart and I had the squirrel cage in my bath tub washing it up. Please don't try this yourself. We got it back together and now we have a clean furnace outside and inside. Maybe less dust for a while.
We talked about the real winter weather. The last two days we have had record highs of middle to high fifty degree weather. One record was beaten from 55 years ago. Also we were warmer than Orlando Florida. But we think the shoe or the boot will drop soon and we will get dumped on. Less than an inch of snow has fallen already this winter and we normally have about 5-9 inches by now. We have had rain which is good for the trees because this fall we didn't have much moisture before it did get cooler.
Have to do some errands today. Then I think I am going to do some sewing and see how far I can get. Ideas running around in my head and not sure which will work. Chris

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