Saturday, January 7, 2012

Overwhelmed with scraps

I have some here and I have some there. They are all over the sewing room and I need to get them used up. I can't make myself throw them away. I have wanted to make some more of the traditional type utility quilts with scraps so here I go. These are 1 1/4 inch strips. My Mom had a container with pieces in them for miniature quilts she gave me and I decided to start using some of it up. I have added to the pile believe me.

The Rail Fence pattern goes together quick so this is where I started. I think this will work out doing these in between other projects.

After I cut a quilt I save all the usable pieces and ow I have to sort and cut to size. I have several containers with different sized strips and it is easy to slice and dice the pieces and store that way. Yes I am nuts just ask my kids and husband. Chris

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Hettie said...

I don't think you're nuts. Gosh! I'm so overwhelmed with my scraps and it stays that way. At least you came up with something to make of these.