Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Tip

This may seem funny, but it is a way to use up odds and ends of threads. Over the course of time I have acquired a lot of different colors of sewing threads. Meaning polyester and poly blend threads. I have accumulated a ton of odds and ends of different colors. Many have given me threads that are half used spools that their mother or aunts had. Many times I use them to baste quilt sandwiches together. I have sewn over 50 years and many times you buy two spools thinking it will be enough only to have to go back and get another spool but you don't use it all.

It dawned on me today that I need to sort through the thread and make sewing kits for my son and also for my granddaughter. They are always needing me to sew on a button and if they had the tools to do it they could remedy the problem themselves.

I am going to the dollar store and see if I can find crayon and pencil cases like they have in the school supplies and throw several spools of colors they would have in the box with some easy thread needles and a small pair of children's scissors from the school supply aisles again. Maybe even a needle threader. What a great way to use up the odds and ends that fill our thread storage containers. This would make a nice gift for the small repairs for anyone that needs a small amount of pink or navy thread. White, gray, navy, black and brown for the guys. Maybe a tan also. The girls pink, red, yellow, blue and white along with navy, black, gray and tan. No money outlay unless you need needles and the boxes to put it in. I save button in several sizes of shirt buttons in a zipper bag maybe would fill the case up nicely. Chris

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