Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Progress being made

This is my progress. I have more blocks in the sewing stage. This is a queen sized bed I have them placed on and it covers about 1/4 of the bed. This is 19 blocks that I have done. My Mother has one of the blocks to show a friend. As you can see I am not fussy about the prints on the pieces as long as two of the same color isn't in the same section. Yes as the sections are sewn together sometimes they will meet. But they generally are going in the opposite direction.

Of course this isn't the final layout either. As I get more done and can get them laid out to look at I might be able to move some around to make a better looking quilt. I am going to look on line ands see if I can find some different layouts for these blocks. I know I can sash them, but not sure I want that. This being taken on point it might be a way to piece them together.

This is a straight look at the blocks and not sure I want this either. If I place them on point I maybe can introduce a solid triangle for the outside edges and make a totally different look. Have to play with the finished look in my mind and lay things out before I sew anything together. I hate to rip out after sewing all the seams together.

I am steering towards the on point look. I have some Navy blue solid fabric, but a solid looking print could work also. To many what iff"s. Chris

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Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Great scrappiness, I'm loving it! I like scrap quilts and I think the more colors and patterns, the merrier.