Thursday, January 12, 2012

Up early waiting for the storm

We have our first major storm on it's way to our neck of the woods. Depending on which news source you look at it could be up to 8inches, Yikeees! I thought about going back to bed to get some more sleep but when I wake up early if I don't get up I have more of a chance of a migraine. So I am up coffee is in the cup and I am sitting here writing this.
Here is some of the progress I have made in the last couple of days early in the morning. Each part of this block is made up of 5- 1 1/4 X 4 1/4 strips. Yes it is smaller pieces, but it is what I had cut out. You can make the strips what ever size you want. After sewing them together I then clean up the edges so they are square. Sewing them together have been a challenge for me. LOL I find I reverse the way they lay and it makes them come out in reverse of the way I have them started.

Can you see the difference in the picture. The lower block in the middle had the reverse seam done. I have to rip out the seam and try and figure it out. This is the third time since I started sewing the blocks together. Not enough coffee HAHA! maybe to much.

Off to cut more strips and see if I can fix the block I screwed up on. I will be in and out trying to get something done while getting rid of snow. I am sure a nap will come also.
Hope you have good weather in your neck of the woods as Al Rooker would say. Chris

ps. The snow is an hour away in the Quad Cities in Davenport, Ia

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Katie M. said...

Living in southeastern AZ where we rarely get snow, but it gets cold (well for me anyway), I'd just as soon have the snow with the cold. I'm originally from the U.P. of Michigan so I understand cold & snow - yep, a good reason why I am now a desert rat! I think the quilt is really looking good, BTW.