Monday, January 16, 2012

Ok I am Guilty

Yes I am a bad girl. I went to my mother's yesterday and I was taken into the sewing room and three tubs of scraps were there. No I didn't take them all. My Mother does a lot of children's quilts to character fabric was left behind this time. This was a Walmart bag full. I need to sort through it this morning and decide how much I want to cut up for the Rail Fence blocks I am making.

I know I need to cut into new fabrics and yes I will sometime this year, but a lot of my fabrics are getting down in size. I need to start picking up some lighter colors to use as blenders for some of these scrap quilts.
My Granddaughter saw the bag and she flipped out and said Grandma Nanna shouldn't have let me bring it home. She said you need no more scraps Grandma. LOL Chris

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