Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sewing off and on

I drug these out of a pile the other day and decided on sashing and I pieced it all together. I had limited amount of 4 patches which were orphan blocks left over from a bigger bed quilt. After a few hours here and there and some minor ripping and resewing I got this top done. I think it looks pretty good for the pieces I started with. Sometimes the final look is surprising because you are not really interested in the elements.

Here is a closer look at the blocks, sashing, and borders.
We all need to re look at the elements we have that we really don't care for and see if they can be used into something pleasing to the eye.

I still have enough for the binding out of the brown print, but need to sort and find a backing for the quilt. The other thing was I have lots of pieces that are good sized of batting that are all the same brand. I think I will piece a few of them to make the batting for the quilt. Nothing like being frugal and yet getting a nice gift out of the mix. Chris

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Hettie said...

It came out really pretty for something not planned.