Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday night no place to go and no energy to do it anyway.

This has been a funny weekend. The cold weather has drug me down. Not that I had to be out in it, but I guess because I couldn't get out and enjoy some of the day as we had been doing.
This morning it was 2*F out and the windchill was below zero.
My son was doing a training session out in the cold burning an old farm house. They call it a live burn and have firefighters go into the building as if the rescue someone in a fire situation.
The grandkids stayed here last night and wanted to go see Dad today doing this. They have been to many of these and their terms for it was "We want to smell like smoke." Sounds like a fireman's kids??? So they went and were all dressed up with ski pants and multiple layers on. They had the car there so they could get in and warm up.
I stayed for a few minutes and decided I didn't like the smell so I left. They will sleep tonight with all the bad smelling and the cold air they smelled today. It is in their blood like their Dad. I think both will be volunteer fireman when they are old enough. I am going to go to bed early tonight and see if I can get caught up on some sleep I have been missing out on of late. Stay warm Chris

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