Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday tip on Tuesday

I tried to post a tip last night and it wouldn't let me. I was a bit upset and I just walked away.
The tip is this. On the 1st I made a housekeeping chore out of my Computer. I cleaned up a lot of old files and also deleted a bunch of pictures that aren't something I wanted to keep. I am terrible about downloading free quilt patterns thinking I will do them and after a year if I haven't touched them I just delete them.
I ran a scan disk and also defragged the computer. Yes I do it all the time, but I decided I needed to make the process a purging thing. It runs so much faster and I can get into several programs with quicker ease.
I also found in my experience that if I get onto a blog or website with a lot of ads in the side bars that I end up with more viruses and spyware. My email address has so many more SPAM emails when I spend anytime on them. You don't even have to click on the ads just roll over them and you can have a ton of exposure you don't necessary want. Also earlier this year I had 6 Trojan viruses hit me. I know it was from either an ad or Facebook. So many times we think things are safe and surprise it is infected. Make sure your antivirus and malware are all active and up to date.
The National news today said that mobile devices are victims of hackers this year so download your protections today. Chris

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