Friday, January 27, 2012

Where has the week gone?

My intentions were to get so much done this week and it is like I have not got a thing done that was on my list. I wanted to sew and also do some cleaning. Yea I know cleaning! Well get the big chunks up anyway. I have snippets of thread and corners of blocks tracked all through the rooms. I really want to rip carpet out and put laminate in my sewing room so it would be easier to keep up. Money not in the budget until maybe this summer.
I have done a ton of running. I buy my groceries and supplies once a month. Then all I have to do is add bread and milk as the month goes on. With the price of gas it is the only way I can keep ahead of the game.
Planning on getting some lumber tomorrow so my husband can finish his walls in the garage. We insulated because he has a furnace out there and also a A/C for the summer. We buy a few sheets of plywood to get around the walls and the last three need to go up. It stays warmer out there than in the house.
I figure down the road I can turn it into a huge sewing studio. LOL That will never happen while he is alive.
I have some closets and cupboards to clean out and get the junk out of them. I have some old paint clothes that need to be pitched out. I am sure they don't fit anymore. Also a huge pile of old towels and washcloths he can use as rags in the garage for painting or grease rags.
I have decided that we need a bridal shower thrown every ten years to replace the things that have worn out. I have more worn out that good right now. Not sure of colors I want to buy. I have been looking and I am not liking what I am finding. Maybe it will have to be white so I can bleach them if necessary.
Well tonight fried chicken and a salad for dinner. Leftovers for tomorrow. Off to the kitchen to start dinner. I hope your week went well. Chris

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Hettie said...

Love your bridal shower idea every ten years!