Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yes I am Certifiable

I got up this morning looked at the Google Reader and decided it was going to be a day when I needed to get something done. I have had this pile of scraps on my cutting table and it has been driving me nuts.
I started to cut and got involved between laundry loads. Well I have cut for over three hours and still not done. This is the last of the pile. It is about half of what it was. I am cutting 1 1/4 inch strips and squares from this mess.

This is the pile my Mom the Enabler gave me. She would shoot me IF she new I called her that. Then she would laugh and say I have some more.

Here is my results after three hours of slicing and dicing. Some I cut an eighth of an inch off of and others I could cut a lot of strips and squares out of. Then I had some 1 inch pieces out of it and they went into another bin. Not sure what it will be.

Some of the larger pieces and the lighter pieces were cut into 1 3/4 inch strips and squares. These will be used on the square in the square blocks and the star blocks. I basically am cutting four quilt blocks at one time. My mind has to figure out how to cut all that I can cut out of a piece and yes I made a couple goofs but it worked out in the end. The challenge is to sew them all together when the cutting is done. I need to get back to it and also to get the laundry done. Take care Chris. ps. The guys in the white coats haven't shown up on my door yet, but I figure any day now. LOL

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