Saturday, January 11, 2014

Applique all complete

All 15 of the appliqued blocks are done. The stitching is complete and the count is right. LOL I finally got that right. I adjusted the size of the center circle and I'm much more pleased with the over all look now. Next step is I need to soak them and wash out all the glue and any freezer paper pieces still left in the seam allowances. Today I will do a few at a time and try and add strips to the piece blocks so when all is ready I can stitch the top together. Then comes the borders. I have the green from the leaves and the tan from the background and the red from the flowers so hopefully can come up with a good combination to make it look pleasing. 

As you can see all the tiny stitches that were made. I cut the background fabric from behind the appliqued shapes because of the freezer paper method I use, but also to make the thickness not so bulk to quilt through. 

I am so happy this one is this far and the end is in sight. Not sure of batting I'm going to use and need to check out yardage for backing. I will look for that after the borders are on and 
I get a better handle on amount of fabric I need for the backing.

We had a down pouring of rain last night and as it hit it became ice. It is 36 degrees out at this time of the morning. We were to get snow on top of it, but the radar isn't looking that way. There were cars in the ditches all over our area. Not a good travel day today. Good day to stay in and soak my blocks and dig to see what the next finish up project  will be. Lots to choose from. Stay safe Chris  


Katie M. said...

Those look great... It going to be a gorgeous quilt. Not much in the quilting department on my side. Need to really get some ambition and get moving in the right directions...

Exuberant Color said...

I like that size center circle too. Maybe the blocks will shrink up enough in soaking to match the size of the pieced blocks.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

They are so pretty, Chris!!