Friday, January 31, 2014

Dark and gloomy outside but not inside

The gloomy weather is approaching so I got the bright fabrics out and started cutting. I was up early so I decided why not do something constructive. To qualify my waking up time you will understand that I get between 6-8 hours sleep every night. For years I had to get my son up early to be to work and also my husband. So the pattern is set up early and to bed early. I haven't seen New Years Eve come in for years. LOL 

Here are some of the bright fabrics I have had for while. Decided to cut them up and see where they took me today. Can't create sunlight so I made the bright colors be my sunlight today. 

These are 2 inch squares. They are all from the fabrics and are to be sewn up into 4 patches. I have been using
them as enders and leaders when sewing on my scrappy star. So twice the progress is being made.
Here is the ender and leaders 4 patches sewn onto 3.5 X 6.5 rectangles. This is  Bonnie Hunter patter called Bricks and Stepping Stones. and look under the free pattern tab. She has many free patterns for scrappy quilts. This will be twin size when complete. Autumn will probably be in  twin bed before the age of 2. 

This is the Scrappy star in progress. I'm making the sashing with  secondary star in it. Just a little more interest in the over all look. As I am sewing the points on the stars I'm using the 2 inch squares as my leaders and ending up after stitching the points in place with chain piecing I then use the ender of another 2 inch squares paired up for the 4 patches. 

Today we start another weekend of snow. They are saying, Notice I didn't say who, 4-6 inches. {weathermen} I want Spring. Chris   

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